It's a Rogue and Blackjack mash-up!

Keep pushing toward the monster to take another card or pull away to stay and find out if you won the battle.

  • Art by Kenney of course, updates by Ponywolf
  • Music by RandomMind
  • SFX made with BFXR
  • "Best Overall" for the 2019 KenneyJam. The original entry is archived here.

Development log


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This is a really well done game!  The concept is neat and it's fun to play.  I also like how you make the player and monsters pulse slightly; that's not pixel-perfect, but I find it cool and helpful.  I have just a few suggestions: (1) there should be a way to toggle the music during the game; I liked it for a while but it got old, and I had no way to make it stop.  (2) when defeated by a monster, it should show their total -- it goes by too fast for me to catch.  Something like "MONSTER WINS WITH 17" would do.  (3) The monsters look cool but all play the same, as far as I can tell.  It'd be nice if you could somehow give them some stats, so they can be different... on the other hand, maybe that would take away from the beautiful simplicity of this game.

Thanks! Yep, I've started monster classes. They track the player differently, but all play cards the same.

Should be pretty simple to have animals stay on lower card values and have other monsters, playe more like "house" dealers.

I want to do little playing cards that have monster stats on them. So a RAT's hit count is capped at 14 or something. I think i also need to move to an HP system so you have more life to play with...

All great suggestions!

Don't know if this is a bug but you can just avoid the monsters and just go for the chests and exit.

Also the page keeps scrolling when you press the directional buttons. Usually the scrolling is disabled when the game on the page is active.

Thanks for the note. I'm working on some updates and hope to flesh it out to basic rogue-like gameplay...

Added the WSAD keys for control as well until I figure out the issue :)

The problem/bug from my observation is that the enemies don't attack the player.

On the enemy's turn, if they are next to the player make them initiate the Blackjack game.

Hope this tip helps. I've been polishing my own roguelike so I feel the struggle.

Got it. This new version should force an attack if a monster tries to move to a spot the rogue occupies. 

First round: Let's pick up the chest, cool. Let's fight the skeleton, I get 21, skeleton gets 21. Ok, another try, skeleton gets 21. Ok now I get it, skeleton again 21. Ok, that was a quick round.

Second round was better much better :D

Really nice game. I really like the concept. 

Found some bugs, but that's ok for a game jam game ;)

  • I was able to run through enemies
  • one enemy jumped away at the start of a duell

Unfortunately, you did not put any stuff to buy in there, so the gold is not of any value. And you really don't have to fight any of the enemies. Would be cool if the enemies also approach you.

Can you please explain to me, why I loose a heart when it's a draw? It should just be a rematch (which you can'T avoid) until one clearly wins to my opinion.

Good idea. A draw should end with no damage. 

If I had another day or so, I would have done a couple enemy classes and had easy/hard/boss monsters and had them pursue you, but alas it was a jam.

Great feedback though, I may clean the project up and re-release with some more features. 


I'm glad my feedback helps you.

How are you planning to implement easy and hard monsters? I mean the concept is great, but what would you add to make the black jack battles harder without making the monsters cheat. I think that's really a tough topic to tackle.


I've been thinking of a few different things. 

First would be moving to an HP system--give the hero 10HP and monsters a lower HP. That would give you a head start in the beginning for sure.

Second, I could have them play poorly... take a random number of cards, don't take enough cards, stack the deck with low cards, etc. Bosses could play better--or even cheat.

Third, in true rogue-like fashion, I could give the monsters a chance to successfully attack, so even if they win, they may not do damage.

Open to ideas as well :)


If I start a new game after a Game Over, the sound stop.

You must fix this bug.

And the battles are optional, so a normal player can simple scape of the monsters.


This is a game jam game, so it's a bit unfinished... I'll post bug fixes though.


Fantastic game! The aesthetic is very pleasing and the gameplay is quick, easy-to-learn, and addicting!


Updated with a little more polish...


What a fun mix of blackjack and roguelike, like the idea and how smooth the gameplay feels a lot. :)



This is amazing! I love it so much. Great Job!

The gold font is a little messed up... I'll try to fix before the cutoff tomorrow AM.