RogueJack 1.1.9 is Live

"Get Your Learn On" release. Added items and a Librarian class that give XP bonuses. Plus new fan-translated languages and various improvements!


  • Added Librarian class and XP bonus sword & shield
  • Auto resize for text to keep it within visual bounds (mainly for translations)
  • Some junk are now water jars that can put out fires
  • Font updates for readability and extra characters 
  • Added Hungarian language
  • Added Russian language
  • Testing machine translated Indonesian
  • Updated to Solar2D for builds


  • Potions may have healed before curing poisons
  • Fixed Floor "space" and room for all stats
  • Possible Fix for late level XP


RogueJack 1.1.9 for Windows 9 MB
Jul 15, 2020
RogueJack 1.1.9 for OSX 10 MB
Jul 15, 2020

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