The "Let's Get Critical" Release v1.1.8

The "Let's Get Critical" release. Hit your way to 21 to do double damage in battle. Also added a few new items and bears (oh my!) Plus the usual amount of fixes and features.

  • Hitting to 21 gives a critical hit
  • Added "cooler" monster portraits
  • The "Hands Tied" achievement fixed
  • Swaps achievements renamed
  • Made banner at bottom of cards also act as "stay"
  • Added heat shield
  • Shields now cure effects when swapped for
  • Monsters freeze, burn, poison better
  • Monsters move when you are frozen
  • Monsters attack while hero is frozen
  • Fixed face-up spiders


RogueJack 1.1.8 for Windows 10 MB
Jun 12, 2020
RogueJack 1.1.8 for OSX 10 MB
Jun 12, 2020

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