RogueJack’s 21th Update-a-Versary Released


BOISE, ID—Monday September 14th, 2020 RogueJack by Ponywolf, where players delve into countless old school dungeons and play Blackjack to the death with a variety of creatures, received its 21th update since it launched in February of this year.

Notable features include improved Gamepad support, Keyboard shortcuts and hints, a new rapid play control scheme and countless of other additions recommended by the very vocal community of players who constantly reminded us “it’s been a while” and “they haven't seen anything new” from this “cheap, piece of garbage” game.

We talked to Ponywolf’s Founder and the designer/developer of RogueJack, Michael Wilson, but he was completely uninteresting. So instead we made up this quote that we will attribute to him instead:

“Making games is so easy! Java, java, physics, typing, mouse, mouse, mouse and BAM—you’re finished! Most of my day is spent eating gummy bears and watching HGTV.” —Michael Wilson, Founder of Ponywolf

Fascinating. He also mentioned something about a Steam week long deal, but we started to zone out.

Whats new since 1.1.9

New stuff

  • Rapid Play, buttons/keys repeat when held down
  • Keyboard Tool-tips
  • Z, X, C are now hot keys for selecting cards
  • Space, Tab and Enter work in most dialogs
  • Added "Reset Switch" to pull 50% of your gold and XP forward if you are caught too deep
  • Deepest floor, gold and XP autosave, even on app suspend
  • Hidden coins in 15% of "Worthless Junk"
  • Map generation improvements
  • Vending machine hints at whats inside (Thanks Tyler!)
  • Screen flash on burnt, frozen or poisoned
  • Indonesian translations updated


  • Fight after curing poison/fire issue fixed
  • Monsters won't fight for 1 turn after you level up
  • Possible lockup on quickly exiting level after Critical Hit
  • Keep exit out of hallways
  • Skeleton pushes back to floor 5
  • Make sure dialogs are always on top
  • Better DualShock support
  • DualShock Controller button hints
  • 5% more XP on Tombstone
  • Music volume wouldn't save if gamepad was used to set
  • Fix Killed By...


RogueJack 1.2.1 for Windows 9.5 MB
Sep 14, 2020
RogueJack 1.2.1 for OSX 10 MB
Sep 14, 2020

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Love this style, remind me of 90s games on Dos

Thanks! I wanted something visually simple where I could focus on the game vs. graphic content.