KotCT Update 1.2.2 Out Right Meow!

We got a slew of new users from the Summer Sale and the Itch Bundle for Racial Equality. And when you get an extra 10,000 people or so playing your game you are going to find some issues. We also updated the game to use the latest version of our favorite newly rebranded engine--Solar2D.  Many of you may see stability and speed improvements versus earlier builds.

Here's a quick list of (some of) the fixes in 1.2.2:

  • Forge now has the ability to load the character sheet
  • Fixed an issue where Mac users could get an error dying on level 105
  • Fixed reward for "Bandaider" who is unlocked at level 38 or by Resurrecting 5 times
  • Removed extra unneeded translation file
  • Removed some unneeded libraries
  • Updated to Solar2D build system
  • Typo in monster manual
  • Review plugin updated

We will continue to tweak and balance and there are some feature requests we'd like to get to as well. Stay tuned!


KotCT version 1.2.2 for Windows 15 MB
Jun 28, 2020
KotCT version 1.2.2 for macOS 16 MB
Jun 28, 2020

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Thanks for the update! I did notice a small typo in the DM's dialogue around level 51: "Pretty good dungeon though, right?/Right? Say yes. Please."

Dang it! Thanks for letting us know!