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 We pushed a few gameplay balancing features and added a new enemy type--the spider mine. Also, there's a training level for the SKIP mechanic and a more even distribution of soundtrack, plus a bunch of other minor tweaks that we feel make the game better than ever!

Here's a list of what's new:

  • Long overdue SDK update
  • Rats run away for 1s after hitting you and have less health
  • Small enemies are a bit easier to hit
  • CRIMELORD doesn't disappear erroneously
  • CRIMELORD scene floor color is changed for better contrast with bullets
  • Added spider mines to some of the level 5 and 7 levels
  • "Empty" chests now give some gold instead
  • EXPERIMENTAL gun elements, bullet multipliers, and bullet types (missiles and lasers too) working


SKIPCHASER for Windows 1.1 58 MB
Dec 17, 2018


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Mac 1.1 build is coming soon!

MacOS build 1.1 is live!