SKIPCHASER 1.5 is live!

In celebration of our new game RogueJack releasing on Steam a couple of weeks ago, we've packaged up some QoE updates for SKIPCHASER and added a few new features.

Here's the breakdown of whats new:

  • Sliding difficulty scale that buff enemies the less you die
  • In-level vending machines that let you try out some of the weapon parts for a limited time
  • 64-bit and signing issues on macOS (still in beta, sorry!)
  • Keep bosses from blowing themselves up
  • Missile bullets?!?!?!
  • Various Steelseries keyboard fixes

We've also added RogueJack to our Ponywolf Franchise bundle, so if you supported us in the past you can get our new game for an even deeper discount.


SKIPCHASER 1.5 for Windows 58 MB
Jul 01, 2020


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