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BOISE IDAHO--5/23/17  We added a few fixes and recolored the aquatic mammals to celebrate our 35th place finish. 

Are you one of those ROUND-EARTHERS? Do you think the sun isn't hung from a bale of twine cast down from the star-heavens? Well then, don't bother trying this couch-multiplaying, trident-hurling, death-o-gasm of a ludum dare 38 entry.


IT'S NOT FOR YOU. Go back to your schooools and your interwebs, sheeple.

This game was built in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare Game Jam.

Still here? Then you're in the club. We meet every Thursday under the wilted elm behind the ghost of the old Windsor Castle in Boise Idaho. Bring torches, sketpicism, and a prepairedness for mind destroying truth. Also BYOB.



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The fine folks at Stumpt gave us a 4 player death-o-gasm playthrough... starts at 15:53...

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Randomise User gave us a jolly good playing...

is this have bots?

yes. this bots have.

Want some gameplay video?

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Hey, y'all! We fixed the "Winner" screen that wasn't updating after multiple rounds and fixed the character select screen order, so you get the player you picked. Ooopsie. (Another ooopsie, we broke the clock... That's fixed now too.)

If you are reviewing us for the Ludum Dare Jam, just pretend that the end screen is still way messed up.