A pixel platformer holiday card, released by Ponywolf as season greetings for their parent company (Drake Coooper).



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cant find how to download for some reason

It's a web game

oh oka, the itchio app doesnt show it as a web game haha
usually it has a "open in browser" button in such cases

I just opened it in browser and for some reason in the game window it just shows the top left corner of the game


I'll have a look...

Looks nice, but hit boxers are far off, so you get hit, although standing far away from an opponent. Mixed with the old (bad) style control, it is not good at all. The old style control could have worked, if everything else was spot on.

I like the sound and the mood of the game, but the basic gameplay is just not good enough, and need to be fixed up before it's worth playing. (Hope it gets fixed up, this could be an exciting little game.)

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Thanks for taking time to comment.

The physics feel pretty tight in chrome. Which browser are you running the game in?