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Neat game! And I like the art and animations too.

I found this from the itch youtube recommendations ( , though the first link seems to be the incorrect game (but underneath it correctly links to your main itch page)

Good luck makin' games!


Thanks! I didn’t know itch did a feature. Bummer on the link, but I think people will find it. 

I think there may be a bug in the post jam version - pressing F doesn't activate full screen (tested on Win10).

You are probably right. Will take a look.



Thanks, works great, however, there are now vertical black lines that seem to be separating textures?

Those are texture artifacts from being increased in size. I have to re-process the textures to fix. When I get a free moment I will do just that. Thanks for the screenshot!

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Music is by Juhani Junkala... some music of his here

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5th track on this...

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Um? Do you mean this.... ?

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Ahh... I see what you mean. Hard to explain, but you "walk" the grid from each direction-- N S E & W and count how many items are the same. if you get to three, then you mark all of them to be deleted.

Maybe read this...

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Just by seeing the gif in the thumbnail I knew this game is brilliant. Great job.

Thanks! working on updates as I type this.

This is delightful. Super fun and looks amazing.

Thanks! It turned out better than I imagined.

This game remember Magical Drop

Yes, yes it does. Love that game. 

Mac build uploaded. The full screen FX don't work, so it's just the normal pixel-ed version. :)

Can't stop tweaking!!! 50 mins left... Fixed the default icon. Prepping Mac build now.

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Uploaded a new version about 1.5 hours before the deadline with an (optional) CRT filter, fullscreen support, and some bug fixes.

dude this looks awesome, can't wait to play it!! I'm on mobile rn


Thanks! It was a blast to make... so retro!